Tinker Air Force Base Address
Tinker AFB OK, 73145

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Tinker AFB, Oklahoma


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Tinker Air Force Base

Located near both Oklahoma City and Midwest City, Oklahoma, Tinker is an Air Force Base which has a total area of 20.368 km2, it has more than 26,000 people working on base. It is also home to the 552nd Air Control Wing, which flies many E-3 Sentry AWACS, C-47 Skytrains and many others. The base was constructed in 1942 and named after the brave Major General, Clarence L. Tinker. The baseís logo features lightning bolts, a castle and the symbol of NATO, all of them meaning power, strength, control and security.

Its range of local colleges and universities is very big and there are great educational facilities overall in the area. Take for example the Oklahoma State University, a very good educational centre for people who wants to specialize in almost every domain. The housing facilities for newcomers at the base are also very good, although there are no accommodation opportunities for tourists. The attractions at the base are only related to practicing sports, but the troops are very satisfied with this. One can also go to Oklahoma City to have social fun.

Tinkers official website does not reveal any information about the number of troops garrisoned, nor about the present-day commander, Colonel Michael Pelletier, but it does state that Tinkerís primary mission is to aid the USAF in leading combat operations. The last time Tinker has received press was on the occasion of the replacement of the retired commander James H. Hall, which took place on the 15th of November 2007.